Sales, Marketing Poised for AI Revolution

Artificial intelligence will revolutionize marketing in the next five years, according to a Demandbase survey conducted last month. Eighty percent of the 500 B2B marketers who participated in the online poll, conducted last month by Wakefield Research, said they expected an AI-fueled marketing revolution. However, only 26 percent were very confident they understood how AI was used in marketing.

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Business and financeGulliver

Many airlines shamelessly exploit female sexuality

EVERY December, more than 1,000 female high school students, some as young as 15, take part in a “bikini competition” held in the eastern Chinese city of Qingdao. The event, hosted by Oriental Beauty, a modelling agency, provides a platform for aspiring flight attendants to show off their bikini bodies to eager recruiters from the Chinese airline industry. Those deemed the most attractive are invited to join a fast-track flight attendant trainee scheme, which can open the door to a dream job at one of China’s big airlines.

Many Chinese and other Asian airlines shamelessly exploit female sexuality. At China Southern Airlines, air hostesses must be 25 or younger and must not have “X or O shaped legs”. Stewardesses at Japan Airlines need to have “good skin complexion”. Indonesia’s flag carrier, Garuda Indonesia, which Skytrax declared had the world’s best cabin staff in 2016 (not a single Western airline made the shortlist), refuses to hire older, married women. VietJet…Continue reading

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Business and financeButtonwood's notebook

Dorothy meets the Mnuchins

DOROTHY was unhappy. Life on the Kansas farm seemed dull, and her pocket money hadn’t risen in real terms for years. It was time for a change; time to make Kansas great again. Then, as she was sitting in the farmhouse with her dog Toto, a tornado came along, sweeping them up and taking her away, far from reality.

With a bump, the farmhouse landed on a woman. As Dorothy emerged, she saw a crowd of cheering little people.“You have killed the wicked witch of the east wing” they shouted. “We could not abide her charitable foundation or lax e-mail security procedure. But you have saved us.”

“Who are you?” asked Dorothy.

“We are the Mnuchins” they proclaimed “and we raise all the finance for the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, who lives in a giant tower with his name on the side.”

“What’s it called?” asked Dorothy.

“Ozterity” came the reply.

“Can the Wizard of Oz restore prosperity to my Kansas farm?” she asked.

“Of course” they cried.

“Can the Wizard help me and my dog Toto?” she asked.

“It depends. Is Toto a Hispanic name?” said one Mnuchin. “And…Continue reading

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