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IDG Contributor Network: Fight iPhone and Android smartphone device addiction

Suddenly, we are having a debate on device addiction of smartphones like Apple iPhone and Google Android. I have written about this many times over the last decade. This impacts everyone, from the enterprise to users and needs to have a higher profile. We need to find solutions to this growing problem. It’s good to see that we are finally discussing this important point.

Addiction is a disease, and addiction to electronics like the iPhone and Android smartphones is new, but is impacting our entire society. Just think of all the people you see every day with their faces plastered to the screen of their smartphone.

There are two sides to this problem. One side is bad, but surprisingly, the other side is good. We have begun this new conversation with the Apple iPhone. I think it will only spread over time. I think we should expect it to ultimately include every smartphone and then every electronic device that is habit forming. It will even spread to apps of which many people are addicted.

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Microsoft’s mystifying Meltdown/Spectre patches for AMD processors

I’ve seen a lot of bizarre Microsoft patches-of-patches, but the new patches for AMD processors are in a world of their own. The security-only, manually downloadable patches appear to be Meltdown/Spectre patches for machines that were bricked by other bad patches, earlier this month, but they’ve arrived with no instructions — and a strange circular logic.

Last week, Microsoft released two patches, with these official titles:

  • KB 4073578: Unbootable state for AMD devices in Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
  • KB 4073576: Unbootable state for AMD devices in Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2

The Win7 KB article says:

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IDG Contributor Network: CES 2018: Microsoft’s broad near-term vision of our very different technology future

[Disclosure: Microsoft is a client of the author.]

I got to sit down with Microsoft prior to the start of CES to talk about the broad future visions they’ve been sharing with folks all week.  As you would expect, given this is CES, focus was on personal technology.  This was separate from Surface or any other tightly focused effort and it was more Windows centric as well.  The near-term future of personal technology strategy from Microsoft is broken down into the following areas:

Lots of choice

This has always been a keystone of the Microsoft strategy in the 1980s/90s and why they so easily rolled over Apple and Sun last century.  They had the advantage of leverage because they had lots of hardware licensees while Apple and Sun had to go it alone.  (Strangely this strategy didn’t work with Smartphones but that was largely because Microsoft didn’t capture the developers like they did initially with Windows). 

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